2024 Golf Tournament: Non-Golfer BBQ Banquet/Happy Hour


Non-Golfer BBQ Banquet/Happy Hour Tickets 

COST  Non-Golfer BBQ Banquet/Happy Hour Ticket:  
$50 per person

Multiple non-golfers can purchase their dinner tickets at one time to sign up and pay using this form. 

Individual non-golfers can register and pay separately, but don’t forget to list the name of the foursome or group you will be associated with during this tournament.


  1. Choose the number of dinner tickets you will be paying for at this time 
    by clicking or tapping on the green button labeled Choose an option
  2. Enter the names of the people using the non-golfer dinner tickets separated by commas
  3. Enter the name of the group or foursome you are associated with
    (use the same foursome name your golfers used when they registered)
  4. Do not change the quantity at the bottom of the page next to the Add to Cart button
    (this should say 1, you already selected the number of non-golfer dinner tickets above)
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My Neighbors Foundation 6th Annual Golf Tournament/Fundraiser
June 23, 2023

COST  Non-Golfer BBQ Banquet/Happy Hour Ticket:  
$50 per person

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