PLEASE COMPLETE ALL FIELDS ON THIS FORM.   Incomplete requests will not be processed. All required fields below must be filled in. ONE STUDENT PER REQUEST FORM.  You must submit one request for each student and each activity.  You may submit as many requests as needed. If you have questions about completing this form, please call Linda Price at (410) 935-3624. PLEASE GIVE 48 HOURS’ NOTICE FOR YOUR REQUEST.  Requests made under 48 hours notice may not be processed in time to meet the activity deadline.

      ALL NAMES AND REQUESTS FOR FUNDS ARE CONFIDENTIAL. Funds and/or resources will be issued upon verification and approval by MNF.  Our guidelines are as follows:
    • The student is a current participant in the free and reduced lunch (FARM) program OR
    • The student has a special need due to a recent change in the family’s financial status OR
    • Other circumstances as reviewed by MNF on a case-by-case basis.
    By submitting this request for funds, I am giving my permission to MNF to verify my participation in the FARM program with the school principal.