Our Director, Officers & Staff

Linda Price, Executive Director 2007-Present

Mrs. Price has been Managing Director with My Neighbors Foundation since 2007.  Prior to joining MNF, Mrs. Price has been an active member in the Hereford Community chairing mutliple community projects.  Mrs. Price was instrumental in the Lights Over Hereford Project and continued to support Hereford High School until the stadium project was completed in 1996.  Since then, Mrs. Price has volunteered with several fundraisers to support community families in need.  Mrs. Price also received the distinguished Golden Apple Award in 2013 from Baltimore County for her outstanding leadership in the community.


Board of Directors

Denise Peak, President

Cornelius Carmody, Vice President

Laura Hudson, Secretary

Cathy Aitken

Whitney Berhman

Rose Brady

Rustin Bryant

David Cavey

Justin Esworthy



Linda Price, Executive Director
Jim Wancowitz, CPA